COMING SOON Closing the Bones Postnatal Massage

A rebozo is a long, woven, handmade scarf, made by women of Mexico.  They are made by women, for women, handed down through generations from mother to daughter and midwife to midwife.  They are worn as accessories over the head and shoulders as well used for daily tasks, such as carrying groceries.  They are also traditionally used, very much so, in pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum, including a "Closing the Bones" ceremony after birth.

The Closing the Bones ceremony is a way to support a woman's recovery after childbirth; a way to celebrate the amazing abilities of her body and a way to create a moment of stillness, meditative peace and reflection.  It is one way to honour a mother and make space for the enormous shift in not only our physical, but our mental and emotional state. Being rocked and wrapped reminds us of the primal sensations in the womb and also brings our minds out of our heads and into our bodies, back to a state of calm and relaxation where healing can then occur. 

Our physical body has undergone immense change - through a widening of hips and feet, displaced pelvic organs, swollen breasts, also the psyche is altered by the right of passage to conceive, carry and birth our child. This ceremony will hold space to allow you to heal both physically and emotionally.

It acknowledges the immense changes a woman has undergone in pregnancy and childbirth and assists in bringing her spirit back into her own body. Physically, it guides your bones back into place, helps her pelvic organs shift, the uterus to shrink back down and it stimulates blood flow.  Women who are honoured in this way experience a sense of calm and grounding, re-establishing her sense of self.  It can be carried out soon after or years after giving birth.

This 2 hour session consists of:

Preparing the Room

This will be done by cleansing the air with smudging - traditionally used an an energy tool, to lift and cleanse both spaces and people's energy field. The space is also prepared with mats, rebozos, blankets and an eye pillow if you wish, relaxing music then adds to the calming atmosphere.

Rocking and Massage

I will then use rebozos to gently rock each part of the body, working from head to toe.  This will gently loosen all of your muscles, ensuring you are completely relaxed. 

Wrapping and Relaxation

I will then again, work form head to toe, wrapping your body in rebozos. This includes binding your hips and will ensure you feel held, grounded, rested and relaxed.  You are then covered in soft blankets and can either relax to the calming music, enjoy a guided meditation or I can just hold the space for you.

This can be completely tailored to you, you can choose how much of your body is wrapped or if you have a preference for scent then we can accommodate that too. You will have an option to keep the rebozo used to wrap your hips, which not only makes a lovely memento, but it can continue to support you in many ways postpartum - to wear as an accessory, to sooth baby and to promote comfort, support and relaxation. You can also use it to wrap your own hips when you feel the need.


 Closing the Bones £TBA      Group of 3 Treatments £TBA

Keep your Rebozo £TBA