Rebozo Comfort & Support

A rebozo is a long, woven, handmade scarf, made by women of Mexico.  They are made by women, for women, handed down through generations from mother to daughter and midwife to midwife.  They are worn as accessories over the head and shoulders as well used for daily tasks, such as carrying groceries.  They are also traditionally used, very much so, in pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum, including a "Closing the Bones" ceremony after birth.

During pregnancy it can be used for support, stability and relieving discomfort.  In labour and birth it can assist with various birthing positions and promote comfort, as well as encouraging a baby to turn to the ideal position for birth.  Postpartum it can again, be used for support, carrying your child or simply to help ensure they are calm and relaxed.

Learn all about the history of the Rebozo, it's culture and 15 essential techniques to be used in pregnancy, labour and beyond.

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