This book focuses on the wide spectrum of feelings that may arise for the reader as their baby grows within, as they and their partner face the choices that form an essential part of the journey to parenthood and as they adjust to their new role as a mother. Ways of laying fears to rest, keeping birth gentle and protecting their baby-moon are included, with useful homeopathic remedies and further resources suggested throughout. The words and imagery in this book embrace the spiritual journey of birth, reminding the reader that a momentous occasion is indeed taking place as they bring new life into the world. Stockton's approach places the mother's emotional and spiritual needs before her physical requirements, proposing that the experience of childbirth has the capacity to nourish rather than deplete the soul. It encourages the woman to take responsibility for her own birthing process and to surrender to her own instinctive powers rather than those of medical intervention. It is also the first book written by a British author to specifically highlight and detail the role of the UK Doula and her place within the UK maternity care arena. It illustrates, in an accessible way, how homeopathy is compatible with the subtle vibration of childbirth, alongside the simple use of remedies during pregnancy, labour and early parenting.