Give Birth Like a Feminist: Your Body. Your Baby. Your Choices

As featured on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 5 Live
Selected as one of the Independent's 10 best pregnancy books for expectant parents
Birth is a feminist issue. It’s the feminist issue nobody’s talking about.  For too long women have been told, ‘a healthy baby is all that matters’. This book dares to say women matter too.  Finally blasting the feminist spotlight into the labour ward, Milli Hill encourages women everywhere to stand and deliver, insisting that birth is no longer left off the list in discussions about female power, control and agency.  From the importance of birth plans to your human rights in childbirth, and including birth stories from women across the world, this call-to-arms will help you find your voice, take an active role in your choices, and change the way you think about childbirth.