Written by The Wise Hippo's very own Tamara Cianfini.

Want to know what the future King and Queen, Towie mums, a Britain’s Got Talent judge and the England football captain all have in common? You’ll find the answer in The Birth Path. Explore the wonderful world of hypnobirthing with Tamara Cianfini, a hypnobirthing expert who’s appeared on ITV’s Mummy Diaries and First Time Mum, and featured in The Daily Mail, on Sky News and as a speaker at The Baby Show. As you work your way through the four paths that make up The Birth Path, you’ll come to understand: What hypnobirthing is, what hypnobirthing can and cannot do for you, and why more and more couples are passionate about hypnobirthing. One thing hypnobirthing doesn’t promise is a pain-free birth, although Tamara is pleased to tell you that this is possible! What hypnobirthing can help you achieve, however, is the right birth on the day. Read about her personal hypnobirthing experience, as well as about how hypnobirthing has helped the thousands of couples she has worked with. For Tamara, hypnobirthing isn’t just about pregnancy and birthing your precious baby. It’s about helping you to develop tools that can benefit you, your partner and your child throughout your lives. Follow Tamara along The Birth Path and discover how hypnobirthing could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.