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NEW sensory bottles.  Great for children of all ages, for discovery and calm.


Choose from a selection of colour mixes. Each is personalised so your child can discover the letters in their name - just shake and turn the bottle to find them!


A stunning, colourful bottle. Watch how the light catches and passes through the colours.


Shake the bottle for the glitter to appear. Our recipe means the glitter will not immediately sink to the bottom, instead it will dance around, making it not only mesmerising but also very calming.

Approximately 20.5cm tall. 

Lids are glued on but adult supervision is still required.

All orders include free UK 2nd class delivery.

Please note: Although we take great care to tightly pack the contents of the bottles and package the product for delivery, due to the nature of the materials, there may be some movement in the colours of the Rainbow Light Catcher bottles by the time it is received. If shaken vigorously then this can cause movement.  The colour of the lid may vary depending on availability (black or silver), please message us beforehand if you have a preference.