Sally O'Connor
Course Facilitator

My name is Sally and I am a Certified Wise Hippo Birthing Instructor, 3 Step Rewind Practitioner and Training Hypnotherapist. I have worked in health and education since 2006 and experienced my Wise Hippo hypnobirth in 2015.

Whilst pregnant, it quickly became apparent how much people just LOVED to share with me their "horror" stories - no one ever came to me to tell me of their positive birth experiences. Antenatal classes I attended just spoke of pain relief and I did not find them very informative or helpful. Thank goodness for The Wise Hippo!

The Wise Hippo taught me that birth is a positive and natural experience. If animals can birth easily, then why can't we?! To me, the teachings of The Wise Hippo just made sense. Without these teachings my birth experience would have been a very different one, but instead I was calm, confident and in control. In fact, the student midwife with me described it as "the most empowering and informative birth" she had been to.

Needless to say, when the opportunity arose for me to train as a Wise Hippo Instructor, I could not pass it up. It is always an honour and a privilege to support mums-to-be and their birth partners to have empowering, positive, informative, calm births and to achieve the right birth on the day.

Take a look at My Birth Story.

Since completing my accreditation, my passion grew to wanting to support women who had unfortunately experienced what they would describe as a traumatic birth. It was shocking to me that around 30% of women would describe their birth experience in this way. This is when I trained as a practitioner to deliver the 3 Step Rewind technique. This is a safe and effective technique which alleviates the feelings associated with trauma. Not by forgetting about the event, this is important, but allowing you to reframe your experience so you respond to it differently.

Passions continued to grow and I am now working towards a Diploma in Hypnotherapy. We now also provide workshops on Rebozo techniques (you will find authentic Mexican rebozos from San Cristobal de las Casas in our shop), Pregnancy Relaxation and Informed Birth Planning as well as our Wise Hippo taster session - Relax, Breathe and Birth.  We now also produce a range of sensory products including sensory bottles, sensory rice and calming pebbles.

What is Hypnobirthing?
Hypnobirthing is a variety of techniques used to enable you to, at a moment's notice, engage in a period of 'trance', or deep relaxation.
We all go in and out of trance every day, for example, have you ever driven home and then wondered how you got there? Or perhaps, you've found yourself daydreaming occasionally? This is trance. It takes us away from what is happening in the here and now, our subconscious takes control, our mind become distracted and we are 'elsewhere'.

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme offers a complete antenatal education programme that will build confidence and create belief in nature's way of birthing.  There is no reason why most women cannot give birth normally and naturally.  The Wise Hippo will give you the tools and techniques to deal with any curveballs, to be able to remain emotionally in control. You can make sure that you ask all of the right questions of your medical caregivers, so that you fully understand all of the decisions that you make, which means that you will be able to look back on your baby’s birth no matter how it turns out on the day and know it was right for you and your baby. 
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